Pine Pharmaceuticals launches seven new drug products to provide hospitals with life-saving resources nationwide

Oct 31, 2023 | Company news

Diltiazem HCl | 503B Product | Pine Pharmaceuticals

Tonawanda, NY, October 31, 2023 – Pine Pharmaceuticals, one of the nation’s largest and most trusted FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facilities, recently announced the launch of seven new hospital products, strengthening its ability to reduce drug shortages nationwide. Among the new additions is diltiazem HCl in a ready-to-administer IV bag, as well as epinephrine, phenylephrine HCl, and lidocaine HCl, which now make up their lineup of OR syringes.  

This significant product release comes just months after taking over Athenex’s 503B operations, including its people, processes, and product offerings. Read more about this important milestonehere.  

“We are excited about having seven additional drug products join our existing product portfolio,” said Pine Pharmaceuticals owner Alfonse J. Muto, Pharm.D. “Our team is passionate about mitigating the risk of drug shortages, and we’re confident that these additions will provide health systems with the resources they need to combat them.” 

Pine Pharmaceuticals distributes over two million sterile units annually, ensuring hospitals nationwide receive quality, cost-effective options that deliver exceptional patient care. The company’s adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) also promotes compliance with industry standards, allowing critical drug products to be readily available. This ultimately helps health systems minimize staffing burdens, keep overhead costs low, reduce drug waste, and maintain an inventory of life-saving resources. 

“With the help of these new drug products, we look forward to continuing our mission of providing affordable and reliable high-quality compounds to hospitals and beyond,” said Muto. 

About Pine Pharmaceuticals LLC   

Pine Pharmaceuticals is an FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility that specializes in the preparation of high-quality, ready-to-administer compounds and repackaged products. As a best-in-class partner, Pine Pharmaceuticals is committed to meeting the FDA’s stringent cGMP requirements while supporting hospitals, surgery centers, and practices nationwide. For more information, please visit or call 844-218-4138 to learn more about our products and services.