Here’s how to master your bevacizumab inventory

Oct 13, 2022 | Thought leadership

Always having drug products readily available at your practice can be a challenge. But fear not: Pine is here to help. We have compiled our top three tips for mastering inventory management so you can always keep repackaged bevacizumab on hand; ready to administer.

1.) Set up a standing order

Standing orders streamline inventory management and help ensure that repackaged bevacizumab arrives at your practice doorstep regularly. Customize your standing order by selecting shipment quantity and frequency, then leave the rest to us. Best of all, this popular service is free and flexible, so you can cancel or modify orders as needed.


2.) Keep a month on hand

Pine’s repackaged bevacizumab service offers extended dating, so you can order larger quantities without worrying about product expiration. Plus, purchasing larger quantities has added perks, including free shipping on all orders of 40 syringes or more.


3.) Reorder one week in advance

Should you notice your inventory waning, give us a call or reorder through the Pine Portal. We recommend calling when you have about a week’s inventory remaining. When your order is ready, we’ll promptly deliver your drug product directly to your practice.

Contact our dedicated Customer Support team today to start mastering your inventory management and continually have repackaged bevacizumab on hand.