Pine has 9 strategies to make ordering easier for you

Nov 18, 2020 | Thought leadership

  1. Partner with an 503B that understands the way you work

    Pine Pharmaceuticals has a brand-new ordering portal designed around the needs of a busy medical practice. Yes, you can still find the same expertly compounded products. But now you can find them in less time and with less trouble.

  2. Start with easy, efficient registration

    Go to our new portal and register as a Pine Pharmaceuticals customer. That way, when you are ready to order, you can skip the 1–2 day wait for verification. All you need to do: create a user name and password, then give us your name, the facility name, and a copy of the medical or facility license, plus your billing and shipping information. There is no service fee. And no obligation.

  3. Customize your ordering experience

    We know you do not have time to waste hunting through random listings. So, on our portal, you will find products grouped by use—anesthetics, antibiotics, IV solutions, etc.—along with ways to customize your view. You can change your view to see only products for your specialty. Then you can change the view again to browse Pine Pharmaceuticals’ featured products, or see our current top-sellers.

  4. Get product information without hype or hard sell

    Customer feedback told us that you wanted product descriptions to be simple and straightforward. So we created an ordering portal that shows a high-resolution photograph of the product, clearly stated storage information and an accurate BUD backed up by our stability testing.

  5. And if you do not see what you need, we can work with you to create it

    Back in 1985, we started as a family-owned pharmacy. Within a few years, we had developed a reputation for expert compounding and great customer service. By 2014, Pine Pharmaceuticals had evolved into a nationally known 503B outsourcing partner that compounded products in its own state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility. But we have never forgotten our start—and never lost our expertise at compounding and collaboration.

  6. Place an order—without worrying about minimums

    Sometimes you can be caught short. Sometimes you need to stock up. We understand that patient needs are never predictable, so we never lock you into minimum or maximum orders.

  7. We tell you exactly when to expect your shipment

    Our new ordering portal has a built-in link so you can track your shipment without logging on to a third-party site.

  8. Print—or reprint—your invoice

    We know you handle a lot of paperwork and electronic records, so we try to make that easier too. Look up your invoice number, due date, the amount, or anything else you need for your records. Our portal also gives you access to previous invoices at any time: just check the box in front of the order and click “Request” and we will send you the invoice so you can download and print it whenever it is most convenient for you.

  9. Reorder with just one click

    Because you have access to all your previous orders, just click on the link to order again. Or look up your last order and adjust the quantities according to your patients’ needs. From now on, you will never have to dig through your records to double-check.