PINE Unveils New Look Ophthalmic Drops

This past weekend PINE Pharmaceuticals shared some exciting news at the Florida Society of Ophthalmology annual meeting and announced several improvements to our TROPIcamide-PHENylephrine combination drops.


Since first being introduced almost 18 months ago,  these combination drops have become immensely popular among both General Ophthalmologists and Retinal Specialists.


As expected, clinicians provided valuable feedback on how PINE could make this great product even better and we listened!


Recent Tropi-Phen upgrades include:


– Extended dating with 6 month BUD


– Redesigned packaging


– Highly identifiable RED CAPS on each bottle




TROPIcamide-PHENylephrine is available without prescriptions and is a compounded solution of Phenylephrine HCl 2.5% – Tropicamide 1% in a 15 mL dropper bottle.


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