Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians (CSEP) welcomes Pine Pharmaceuticals

Pine Pharmaceuticals was invited to exhibit the Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians’ semi-annual education program, “Eye – The Window of Ophthalmology”, on January 12th at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, CT.  Our custom ophthalmic preparations will be featured at the meeting, including combination ophthalmic drops and injections, anesthetics, ready-to-use antibiotics, Brilliant Blue G and prefilled anti-VEGF syringes.


The annual meeting presents a unique opportunity for Pine Pharmaceuticals to interact with over the Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians’ 300 members which represents over 92% of ophthalmologists practicing in the state and also those attending from NY, MA, RI and NJ.


For more information call or visit us at:    844-218-4138   /